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E. coli and Salmonella
SQWash® Liquid Disinfectant is available in:
     18.2 liter (40 lb) containers
     35 gallon (133 liter) drums
     250 gallon (950 liter) totes

FAQs About SQWash

How Do I Use SQWash In My Facility?
Final Rinse for Facilities: Using SQWash® is simple because it is already diluted to a ready-to use concentration. After power-washing livestock facilities such as pens, trucks, or chutes, simply saturate surfaces by spraying SQWash® using a power sprayer or garden sprayer. There is no need to rinse because SQWash® is non-toxic to livestock and will kill E. coli or Salmonella on the pen surfaces, thus reducing the likelihood of infection from these pathogens when new livestock arrive in your facility. SQWash® kills pathogens where they normally are waiting for their next victims! 

How Does SQWash Kill E. coli and Salmonella?
SQWash® contains an active ingredient which is extremely effective but also selective in killing E. coli and Salmonella. These pathogenic bacteria contain an enzyme which enables them to use nitrate as an energy source. This is the reason that livestock have more health problems when nitrate is present in the water supply. 

SQWash® acts like a package bomb! When E. coli or Salmonella consume SQWash®, the enzyme converts an ingredient in SQWash® into a compound which is toxic and kills the E. coli and Salmonella bacteria.  

How is SQWash Selective and Effective?
Most bacteria do not contain the enzyme that       pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella contain. As a result, the pathogenic E. coli and Salmonella are targeted by an   active ingredient in SQWash®. Why is SQWash® is   selective? Without the enzyme, the ingredient is      non-toxic, thus so-called “friendly bacteria” are not  affected. And, SQWash® is effective because both E. coli and Salmonella bacteria are susceptible to this now-toxic compound! Like a package bomb, these pathogens take the compound inside their cell, and “open” the compound into a toxin...BOOM! They’re dead!

Can I Feed SQWash To My Livestock?
Although SQWash® is not toxic to livestock, some   active ingredients are not approved as feed ingredients for livestock so it is not permissible to feed SQWash to livestock. In addition, feeding some ingredients for the final 30 days before slaughter is patented as a method to prevent E. coli or Salmonella contamination of the  carcass. Therefore, feeding SQWash® is not permitted because the ingredients are not approved and feeding for the last 30 days would be a patent infringement as well. We do not recommend feeding SQWash® to   livestock for these reasons.  

Will SQWash Hurty My Livestock?
Livestock owners may be concerned that their livestock might consume a small amount of SQWash® by licking  pens, gates, and other surfaces in their facility. They need not be concerned because the  ingredients in SQWash® are not toxic to livestock.

In fact, the active ingredients in SQWash® have been shown to effectively kill E. coli and Salmonella bacteria when fed to livestock and are patented by the Agriculture Research Service of USDA as a pre-harvest treatment to prevent these pathogens on carcasses. The levels fed in the USDA research were equal to approximately 30 ml SQWash® per 100 lb body weight per day so livestock owners need not worry about small amounts of SQWash® being consumed by their livestock licking the pens. 

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